Hello,I am 19 years old. Recently I broke up with my girlfriend of two years. Reasons being that I was selfish, dishonest many times, and I treated her friends like crap. However she told me she still wanted to be friends and when she gets herself situated she would get back with me.We were in love with each other and she always told me that I will always have her heart no matter what. But I made the mistake of trying to push her to change her mind. This caused her to get even more mad and she told me I was still thinking of myself and I can stay with my selfish self ALONG with some other things. I told her I was sorry but she was still annoyed.I left her alone the next day but I decided that maybe it would be a good step for me to change my ways so to speak and so I e-mailed two of her guy friends and 1 of her female friends that knew pretty much all about me but knew I didn’t like them. I told them I was sorry for the way I treated them.To make a long story short she called me enraged and she told me to leave her friends alone as well as her. Dr. Turndorf, I love this girl with all my heart. I wish I can tell you more but my space on this is limited. PLEASE help me tell me what you think I should do to at least establish a friendship with her and go from there.I’m afraid I’ve lost her forever. I think that now she hates me and doesn’t care if I live or die. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE HELP ME.THANKS