My girlfriend and I are in love but we are having problems. A few months back I was intersted in one of her close friends but not a whole lot happened. But my girlfriend now is having trouble with that. She has a huge problem with that cause she is constantly thinking about me and her friend together.I think she has been comparing herself to her friend and thinks about me being sexually attracted to her friend. My girlfriend and I are very much in love but she is so often thinking about this that the only thing that she can think of doing is for us to break up. She also has trouble trusting but she can’t trust anyone because of past incidents.I need to know what I can do to get her to trust me, to get her to stop thinking about this friend scenario and to get her to open up and talk to me. She feels that she is unfair to me and wants me to break up with her and find someone else better. But I really do not want to seperate from her and I don’t think she does either.I need help.