Hello Dr. Turndof. . . I’ll try to make this short. A female friend of two years recently expressed that she has ALWAYS had feelings for me. I too have always felt something for her.However, she is very immature and embarrassing in public (putting her feet on the table, yelling, eating like a 3 year old, when she is almost 16). She also dresses a bit less conservatively than I would like. . .However, I do not want to change her, and I expressed this to her. We had a long talk and she was incredibly mature and understands my position. I’m dying here because I am starting to feel something I can’t explain when I look at her, or when she hugs me.Last night was incredibly emotional when we talked, and when she hugged me, I forced myself to pull away before I would cry. I want to be with her so badly, but I cannot put up with her immature actions in public and in school.What should I do??