Dear Dr. Love,I have for 21 years tried to prompt my husband to emotionally connect with me. After years of telling him what was missing in our relationship with lack of connectedness, etc. , and attempts to get his attention with gestures, invites for emotional connection, going out for dinner, holding hands at movies, or in public, or even in the car when we were together, I have felt so alone and unconnected with my husband.I have no other relationship at all with any other man, but left after all this time, because of lack of intimacy. I need connectedness with my life partner, and I need to give, and receive love, and emotional intimacy as well as physical intimacy.I have felt very alone for years. Do I deserve happiness with someone out there who has the ability to connect, and have an emotional awareness that they can share, and be shared with, for a happier heart connected life?RJ