Dr. Love:Here’s my dilemma: my beau is from the middle east, and I am from the southern part of the United States (should I even go on???!!!) As you probably can figure, we are as culturally different as two people can be, but we do share some common threads. However, sometimes I wonder if he’s being a jerk, or if he’s just being an Arab.For example: He is a very hard working, sometimes putting in 12-13 hour days. We rarely get to see one another, but when he gets a day free during the week, he chooses to spend it with his brother, (fair enough). When I say the day, I mean he is with him until wee hours of night, not coming home until around 1:00am.On Saturday nights, he has a standing date with the boys at a local night club (I am not invited). Occassionally, he works in a Sunday ‘ just for me. ‘ What is the deal, or is it obvious? Help! My Southern charm isn’t working on this one!!Sincerely, Scarlett vs. Hussein