Hi Dr. Love,I’ve been reading your responses for quite a while now and I must say they have been really helpful for me, to say the least. My problem is the following: I’m dating this wonderful girl but I feel terrified of opening up to somebody and being hurt again like I’ve been in the past. I realize that my wounds stem from my childhood, during which I received a lot of verbal abuse and had no freedom to even express my feelings (I feel as though i was anihilated). So now i’ve decided to take it slow with any female I meet.The concern is, what if I take it too slow with somebody that’s a good candidate, and she then thinks I’m being cold, or that I don’t like her? I don’t want to drive a potential soulmate away! Also, is it possible to heal childhood wounds without the need of a partner, like, say in therapy? I’ve been seeing a psychologist for awhile now, and talking about my pain has really helped, but the fear of closeness still persists. I pray to God that you choose my questions. Thank you very much…Sincerely, Scared to be hurt again.