HiMy boyfriend and I were together for 2 years and broke up for 3 years. We recently got back together and it’s been terrific the past 3 months.Just recently the conversation came up about a certain girl being back in town. She’s the one who was partly behind why we broke up. All the past happenings and hurts came up again and since then things have been very rough between us, like a wall dredged up in front of us. I’ve told him I’m not going anywhere and all my feelings in detail, but what choices do we make now for the future.Do we continue seeing each other, knowing that we can’t do anything about the past and knowing that the past problems won’t go away? I want them to but honestly and realistically I don’t know.How do we know if we truly are meant to be together. I know and he’s expressed this concern too, but we also know that we’ve never experienced this connection with anyone else, and yet there’s this huge rift, something missing. Please advise.