Dear Dr. Love, I am a 4th year university student and I am seriously screwed up when it comes to romantic relationships. I feel like I’m a dating pilgrim!I’ve only had one boyfriend and that was over four years ago! That was a short lived relationship that was long distance for the final two thirds of it. Because of the time apart, we never even kissed.To recap – I am almost 21 years old and I have yet to experience my first kiss! I feel so pathetic. I am short, a little overweight – but I’m pretty confident in myself and don’t think there is anything that would completely repel the opposite sex. I am not horrible to look at, I have an good personality, and I care deeply for everyone that enters my life.My social life is quite successful as it is full of a lot of friends from both genders. But my romantic life, on the other hand, is non-existent!What is wrong with me? This is the only part of my life that seems to be under-developed to the point where I feel I am still in middle school.I tried to figure it out for myself – analyzing my relationships and whatnot and I happened upon something that concerns me. In my one and only relationship that I have had, my boyfriend cared for me deeply and expressed it in his letters while we were apart – he would have been a normal girlfriend’s dream. I, so I came to realize, was ab-normal. After a bit, his letters and words of sweet-nothings made me physically nautious, and it had nothing to do with butterflies, only negative feelings.I slowly came to despise him and broke it off. For almost a year afterwards, I couldn’t stand to even be with the same room with him. There was no reason why I should have hated him so much, nor could I come up with one – i just simply loathed his presence.I apologized repeatedly – and we’re good friends. The only problem is that since then, I have had the same type of negative feelings towards any guy that showed interest in me (not to the point where I hated him, just to the point where I didn’t want to be around him).But I didn’t have any interest towards them to begin with – just friendly feelings. I don’t know if the same thing would happen to me if a guy I liked started liking me back – because objects of my serious affection tend to be few and far between (maybe I’m too picky – I don’t know).I can only seem to be completely myself with guys who already have girlfriends because that way, there is no fear of them being romantically interested in me. I don’t know why I have this romantic disorder, nor what feelings lie behind it.I would love to have a boyfriend – it’s just that the only thing getting in the way of that is. . . me. Is there anyway for me to have a normal love life?? Sorry it’s so long.I admire and respect the direction that you’ve aimed your psychological training. You make yourself very accessible and unintimidating.Thank you. humbly yours, romantic disorder