This question is a bit involved but here goes. . . I am in love with my best friend. We have had an intimate relationship but he has been honest with me and informed me that he is in love with another.That fact alone has broken my heart but I have tried to understand. I want to keep him in my life so I have become his best friend and confidant.Recently, he has informed me that he has found love again. This is something he said he didn’t feel for me. He informed me he is ‘in love’ with is 1st cousin. I don’t want to lose him in my life at all so I listen to him and try to understand but I am scared for him and his children and his family that he is making a huge mistake.He says he can’t help who he loves and I totally understand that because I can’t help who I love (him) either. He has already been intimate with her. What can I do to help him realize this road is one he should not travel?Thank you in advance for your words of wisdom.