Dear Dr. Love, Maybe you can give me the advice that I have been searching for.About a year 1 1/2 ago, I met this guy that I really fell for. He doesn’t live very close so it is not often that we see each other. The reason for us meeting had to do with being’set up’by one of my friends mothers. Everyone was convinced that we would hit it off, and we did.Recently we have been talking quite a bit, and have started to talk about going out. Only concern is. . how do I tell him that I am a 21 year old virgin? We haven’t really discussed sex, but I am concerned that it will be something that is an issue before long.What is the best way to approach this? Do you think it will scare him off?I am scared to tell him that I am considering sex with him, but I want to make sure he cares about me. . What should I do?I know you are busy, but I would appreciate some advice. . Thank you very much.