I’ve been married for 9-years. My husband has a drinking problem. He drinks every single day of his life, anywhere from two six packs after work to more than a case a day when not working. In other words, he drinks until he passes out every night.Needless to say, it has drastically affected our sex life as well as all other aspects of life. We haven’t had a sexual relationship in over 4-years and we don’t do things together anymore because I don’t drink and he won’t go anywhere unless he can.I re-dedicated my life to God 3-1/2 years ago after leaving him for six months to re-evaluate my life. But I was miserable and felt like I couldn’t help him if I wasn’t there, so I moved back knowing that nothing had changed on his part. I was the only one changed. I felt a new peace in my life. We don’t fight about his drinking any more. It’s just accepted as a part of our lives now. I go to Church and he stays home and drinks.I married for better or worse and think that too many people take the easy way out these days and don’t give marriages a chance. But when is enough enough? Sometimes I wonder if I’m doing the right thing to sacrifice the love and compassion that I need as a person to support a husband that is not living for God or for us.Please advise.