I’ve been in a long-term relationship for the past 14 years and we’re finally getting married. I have some issues that I just can’t seem to work out on my own. I’ve been to counseling and it hasn’t really helped because my intended is a bull-headed, stubborn chavinistic controlling bossy man (mental health counselor) who is under the impression that he knows everything and no one can tell him anything.I have a teenaged son from a previous relationship that I’ve had to basically remove from my home and send to my parents because the two men in my life don’t get along. To make matters worse, my family doesn’t really care for this person. Not that he’s been a saint through all of this, we’ve had our share of problems like any other couple.There has been a physical altercation between my intended and some of my family members over my intended’s handling of my son. As a result, my intended has become bitter and controlling when it comes to me doing things with my family. Here’s me caught in the middle.I’ve basically limited my contact with my family in order to appease him and of course he’s doing everything he desires with his family. To further complicate things, we have a beautiful daughter who is missing out on her relationship with her maternal family because of her father ‘s stubbornness.I want to do whatever I can to remedy this situation, but I really don’t know what to do at this point. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated and welcomed.