Hello,The question I have is regarding jealousy in a relationship. I’m 24 and my boyfriend is 26. Our relationship was amazing in the beginning. We both shared the same goals, values, and interests. We both have no children and have never been married but we want to get married and have kids together and soon; however, he tends to be more and more jealous and possessive as time goes on.I have given him no reason at all to not trust me but that ‘s the biggest issue that we argue about every week. Men do seem to be attracted to me and often flirt even in front of him, so I guess he thinks that I will one day cheat on him because of all the temptation. If I’m not with him I give explanations on what, where, and who I’m with.There are so many other positive things about our relationship that often balance out the negativity of the trust issue. . . but I don’t know how to solve this issue. I have showed him that he can trust me in 101 ways, but that doesn’t seeem like enough? Will he ever trust me? What can I do? Should we go to therapy?I do love him and do want to work things out because we are good together. Please advice I would really appreciate it.Thanks.