Dear sir/madam,

I want to share that my husband used to masturbate before marriage but I came to know about this on our first night, he was doing in front of me also.

In our one year of marriage we never had sex properly because penetration doesn’t occur ( not able to insert penis into vagina properly)

Sometimes he used to say your vagina hole is very tight and sometimes he say it all depends on mood.

We have done only 8 to 9 times sex in this one year and that is done in some special occasions ( like holidays or outings) Now my doubt is that he is taking medicines but he is not admitting it as when penetration occurred after that he used to feel some symptoms like ( Headache, fatigue and body pain ) sometimes fever also .

Actually my major concern is I am not enjoying my sex life because if he tries to do daily his penis doesn’t enter into vagina and he used to do masturbate with his hands and discharge occurs so early.

What to do in this case, please suggest me because I have seen now (may be it’s my thinking only ) that after taking medicines he is not able to penetrate as perviously whenever it occurred ( 8 to 9 times) ,it occurred so fast that no foreplay was required even.

After marriage also he is pulling penis very hard and satisfy himself. From last one year he is doing this only.

I am curious if it is not inserted then how I will get pregnant, i love kids and my whole family is waiting for the good news.

Dr Jamie Turndorf Unselected an answer December 15, 2022