Ok here is my situation and it is a doozie. I have been married for a year and a half to a woman I had dated for ten years or so.Before we got married I thought I would have one last fling and I did, but it didn’t end when I got married. About five months into my marriage my mistress got pregnant. Now we have a baby boy.My wife doesn’t know any of this. I have moved out and am prepared to tell her everything. You see my wife and I believe we love each other and are great companions but within the last four years or so our sex life (and other things) weren’t going to well.Why you ask. Because about six years into our relationship we broke up and I dated another woman who was very sexual and who I had a very good physical and emotional bond with. Unfortunately, she didn’t have such a strong bond with me and we broke up.My wife soon thereafter wanted to try our relationship again and I thought I would also. But since then I have realized that there is more out there that makes me happy.And yes you’re right then I shouldn’t have gotten married. I am here now though and need your advice. Should I tell my wife? Should we determine that the relationship is over? should I try and work at things with my mistress to see if our son can have full time parents?Please help.