I have been with my boyfriend for 2 1/2 years. I know that I love him very much and we are sexually involved. For the past few months, however, I have been questioning how serious I am about staying in this long term relationship.There’s been this urge to date other people and I recently read that if I find myself having this urge, then I’m really not in love. I find myself going back and forth saying to myself ‘I really don’t want a boyfriend’ and then saying ‘I love him so much and I can’t picture life without him’.But then again, I don’t know if I would miss the solidity in the relationship rather than being in the relationship with him. We actually took a break for about a month and I dated some other people, but I found myself missing him, calling him, wanting him back in my life.I’ve talked to him about this many times and he’s told me that if I break it off again to date other people, he will not come back for a second time. This scares me and while I know that I feel that I need to experience other people in a dating situation, I’m scared of losing him altogeher.He has never showed any interest in dating other people. I have gotten so close to his family over the years. Another thing I guess is because I lost my virgity to him. . . it was a very emotional thing for me so I’ll be somewhat connected to him forever.I’ve been with him since freshman year of high school. The one thing that constantly crosses my mind is that I have never just been asked out on a date (I’ve always become someone’s girlfriend and then actually gone out somewhere with them) and I have never been asked to a school dance. These are all things that I want to accomplish and I know that as long as I continue on this path, I won’t be able to.I feel like I’m missing out on so much compared to my friends, but then again I know that not very many people experience such a serious relationship. There are just so many questions that I have and I can’t seem to sort them through. . . it’s tearing me up inside.I don’t feel like an adequate girlfriend because I have all these doubts when he has always been so sure about me and our relationship. I’ve heard all the cliche statements ‘just follow your heart’ and ‘do whatever makes you happy’, but there are so many things that my heart is telling me and I don’t know what will make me happy in the long run.Please help me. Someone like you, being someone that isn’t directly involved, is the only one that I feel that can give me an honest answer. Thanks.