I am 32 years old and I am currently seeing a very attractive 30 year old female. My problem is snowballing and becoming more and more problematic I am having trouble getting and maintaining erections with my girlfriend.I have no problem masturbating and can do so 5 to 7 times a day. My problem occurs when I try to make love to my girlfriend. I have a very large penis (9) and she is very small, 97lbs. On our first attempt to make love I was very nervous that I would hurt her and as a result I lost my erection. Now I loose or fail to get an erection every time we try to make love.She now feels that I do not find her attractive and the problem has snowballed into a total lack of an erection, a feeling of panic, no self confidence, and a fear that will not be able to get and erection. (which I don’t)My question is how do I get over this feeling of panic and how do I assure my girlfriend that I do find her attractive and desirable? She feels totally rejected and I feel like a failure.This problem is tearing us apart! Signed, Panicked