Please helpI have been married for twenty three years. I have the best husband. But latley whenever i talk about getting away for the weekend he always says maybe we can do something kinky, this just blows my mind.He visited Holland and they have live sex shows. Now he wonts 3-way and he even talks about animal shows he say. This makes me sick. What can i do its so gross.We live close to New Orleans and don’t get me wrong i love New Orleans. But i gets pretty wild girls takeing tops off in the middle of street. I just made 40 and this just does not help. He did not use to stop when this happened but now its like he stands their with his mouth open. Its not right.What can i do ? Is their any help for me. I was brought with my grandmother and you can gess how this just blows my mind. My mother says if you don’t take care of your man someone else will, But mom has no idea of these kind of things. I will try new things but not this no way. What can i do. Or what am i doing wrong?????PLEASE HELP OVER 40 IN LOUISIANA