My boyfriend and I have lived together for about 18 months– for probably the first year sex was great and was spontaneous and just worked. Then He started making demands – certain position, certain times, even to the point that he would get angry if I didn’t want to have oral sex. Not me giving him oral sex but him having oral sex with me.To tell you the truth, it didn’t feel good. When I tried to show him how or explain that this certain way would feel better he would become irritated. It was like I was attacking his manhood. So as a result I stopped trying to show him and on occasion suffered through him doing it pretending I liked it just to avoid an arguement. Then, of course, that didn’t work so I would refuse his invitation for oral sexAm I wrong in thinking that it is my body and if I choose not to have him perform oral sex that it should be okay.He says I am putting limitations on our sex in general when I do that. Bear in mind that he could have sex every day and now sex in general has become a burden not a pleasure.Really don’t know how to solve this problem and get our sex life back to what it use to be. I feel like the more we scrutinize and talk about it, it is like we are ruining a good thing. Kind of like if it isn’t broke don’t fix it.Any suggestions?