Hi. Not really sure how I should head this, but, well, hi. Anyways, I am very deeply in love with a woman who is also my best friend, and we met online and talk on the phone all the time. We have everything in the world in common, and can talk for hours about nothing and have a wonderful time. She admitted to me when I told her how I felt that she felt the same way, but there is a problem.She has a boyfriend, who she also loves very much. They have been together for a couple years, and from everything I know about him he comes from a controlling household, where the man is the boss and everyone else isn’t , and so he tries to control her. They argue incessantly and I am always the one who makes her feel better afterwards and tries to give her advice as best I can.I know that I always make her happy, she even says so, and I know that she would me so much happier with me than she is with him, because we’re alike and understand each other. Last weekend, for example, she went to stay with him (they go to differe nt colleges), and came back telling me she thought about me the entire time and even tried to break up with him at the end of the weekend, but was pursuaded not to because she still loves him.I just know she and I are meant to be, we’ll be doing the same things at the same time sometimes even. One night we were both eating chicken ramen (water drained and then the noodles seasoned) with coffee (with cream and sugar). And she has even admitted that she believes we’re soulmates, but yet she stays with him for now. . I’m trying to be as patient as I can and let her think everything through, but I just don’t know what I’m supposed to do. . One very confused guy