My question is this. . I am a 44year old female. I have 7 children, rangeing from 25 to 13is the youngest. . I have been married 3 times. My last husbond was killed in a head on car crash 2years ago. . We were married for 14 years. We had a very open relationship.I spent most of my life raiseing my children. Now that my husbond isnt here anymore have gotten into a habbit of dateing guys my childrens age. . 18 and up. . . I look young and weigh about 114 lbs, I look like I am in my 30s. . . I cant seem to get interested in men my own age anymore. . . frankly there boreing for the most part.. My children think i’m a cool mother for the most part. . My life is a mess to me. . . How can I get myself streightened out? I admit I need help. . . I cant seem to do it alone. . Who can I go to for the help I need?