Ok to say I love you? I truly believe that I am in love with a woman I have been seeing for about six months now. I am giving her a lot of time and space because she is still trying to resolve a prior platonic relationship with a boyfriend and she is not able to simply break it off completely.So she sees both of us (he does not know about me, though), and very slowly, with baby steps, I know that she is becoming very attracted to me and I will probably win out over the other guy if I just take it real slow and easy and let her set the pace.I do feel that I love her, and I have told her so on occasions, but I hold back from saying it to her more often because I am afraid it could put presure on her. The question is: Is it ok to say I love you when your partner does not say she loves me back? Or is it better to be silent about my feelings and wait for her patiently without pressure?Thank you.