hi, i just found this website, im desperate for help. since i first started dating in high school i have always went after guys with the same background, they have all come from a broken home, they all have had very little or no experience with guys/dating, and they all have low self esteem. every one of these guys have fallen in love with me, and i thought that i loved them too. then for some reason, i get bored and i don’t enjoy their company, and i don’t want to kiss them or do anything else with them. my current boyfriend, fits the description above to a perfect T. i am his first girlfriend, and the love of his life. i see him everyday, and he always wants to be right by my side. i try to go out with my friends without him, but i have very little, so i rarely go out without him. i do love him but i don’t want to have a physical relationship with him anymore. i want to be his friend, i don’t want him out of my life completely. he is a great guy, but in the course of our relationship, hes changed alot, and hes not the man i fell i love with. and he is no longer a person i could see spending the rest of my life with. every time i think i am ready to settle down, i realize im not, but i am already too deep into a relationship to salvage a friendship. im not good at expressing my feelings out loud, and thats why i let relationships drag out until i cant take it anymore. i don’t want this to happen but i don’t know what to do. i honestly am lost. i cant lose him from my life. there has to be something wrong with me. and i don’t know how to explain it to him without hurting him. and losing him completely. he gets hurt so easily and i don’t want to turn him away from all girls. please give me your advice. i have no where else to turn.