My fiance and I have a virtually ideal relationship. Our ideals, goals, beliefs, senses of humor, and attraction are mutual. We communicate openly and hold each other in high reguard. We try to meet each other’s needs as often as possible, and are successful for the most most part.There is one problem though. His sex drive is on overdrive (and in reaction, mine is low–like 1-2 times a wk is plenty for me). I often brace myself against his affection in an effort to not have to do it. I am totally attracted to him, but his aggressive manner puts me off.We talk openly about this problem, and he has backed off a little, but he feels jilted and sarcastically jokes about my lack of enthusiasm. What is a normal amount of lovemaking? How can I make him understand that if he backs off I will come to him? (I’ve exemplified this when he has backed off, but that ‘s not often and it doesn’t stand out in his mind).We are 23 yrs. old. I did not have this problem when I dated a man 17 yrs my sr. . . I was very sexual with him. Will this improve with time. . . I’m afraid my sex drive will never go up. . . Help!