Dr. Love:I have been plagued with shyness for my entire life. Fortunately I normally had friends who could introduce me to girls, and then it becomes much easier for me. But now that I am home for several months until I begin law school, I am doomed. My friends here never speak to girls, so pretty much my only option is to meet girls in bars, and I know I would be too afraid to ever do that. I have already lost a lot of respect from female friends I have because I told them that I would be too afraid to approach girls in bars.My female friends say that girls admire guys who have the guts to approach them. Well, I am not being admired, that is for sure. I have heard all that meet girls in a library or grocery store, but I would find it much easier to talk to a girl in a bar. At least I will have beer in me, and at least they are expecting it. Any other location would make it even more difficult for me.Is there anything I can do besides drinking 10 beers to make it easier? I have no fear when I drink a lot, except of just making a fool of myself, which I am sure I would do, so that as why I won’t approach them. Also, the fact that 95% of all girls who go to bars go there with guys. Do you know how one becomes a priest? I think that is what I was meant to be. Thanks.notlikingtobeshy