Dear Dr. Love,I have been divorced for about three and a half years. Six months ago I met a man who works in the same building where I work. (He works for a different company) I was immediately physically attracted to him and he to me, so we made a lunch date. He seemed honest from the beginning and told me he had a female roommate who was divorced and needed a place to live. He also told me that she was a good friend but not a significant other. (My brother also lives with a woman who is just a friend to help share expenses, so I had no second thoughts about this)After about three dates, we became very sexual. He also possesses some great qualities (communicates very well, is affectionate and caring, and has a good sense of humor) I left a marriage because of alcoholism and emotional abuse, so I am extremely open to living life differently than I did before. I want to have fun, experiment with life, and be sexually comfortable. To make a long story short, the three of us have become ‘bonded’ socially and sexually. They are both great people that I enjoy. He still tells me he is in love with me and emotionally attached to me and how important I am to him. The trouble is that I now am having too many times where I am left unfulfilled sexually (I am ALWAYS sexually VERY happy when I am alone with him) and emotionally I no longer fee l’centered on’ or like the ‘SIGNIFICANT other’.I feel like I am vieing for his attention. I have told him, and we have discussed that I feel like a very monogomous mate, but he has said that his friendship with this other woman is too important for her to not be included in this relationship. Am I adjusting to a new lifestyle and having some mental hang-ups, and should I ‘hang in’ or does it sound to you like it’s time for me to move on? Am I just being used for the excitememt of a menagetrois? Thanks for your advice,Signed, New Lifestyle