need help I love my girlfriend very dearly and do not want to lose her. She is under the impression that I do not find her attractive. She is wrong because I would not be with her if I did not find her attractive.In addition she has it in her head that she is fat and compares herself to other girls. At times she will do nothing but cry and not speak to me because her being fat stops her. I have not once put her down about her looks or told her that she is overweight. I do everything in my power to cheer her up by sending her flowers and telling her that I love her and that I think she is pretty.She has told me that at one time she had an eating disorder and she is over it. I am concerned that she might relapse. She still seeks therapy for this becasue in her head she sees things differently then how you or I would see things.This puts me in a tough spot because I do not want to lose this girl but at the same time I cannot take her being upset on a nightly basis. I am not sure how I should try and make her feel more secure about herself. I tell her how great she looks everyday.Is their anything that I can do to help her get out of this rut that she has been in for the past few months. I have asked friends and girls that are friends of mine (not girlfriends) what I can or should do. No one seems to have a solution.PLEASE HELP!!!!!!