My name is Abraham and I am in a bad situation and I need some advice.I am married and I have been messing up my relationship the whole time. 1 and a half years. I am a soldier in the army. I married her and went to Iraq.I have known this woman 10 years but I always keep bringing up the past. I flipped out one night when I was drinking and from my Iraq experiences I blacked out and chocked her.She wanted a temporary separation and I allowed her to. I am going to counseling and am in 2 sessions and I am going to church. I know I need to and I want to from the bottom of my heart I want to change. The problem is she says she needs her space, but I keep calling her and asking her when she is coming back and I feel like I’m pushing her away.What should I do? Should I give up hope? I really do love her and I’m trying.