I am a 50 year old woman who is divorced and tired of living alone. I have been in a relationship with a 48 year old man for two years, however, the last year has been hell.He lost his job due to company downsizing. He has not been able to find another one that pays as much as the other one did, so he is working full time, making $6 less an hour and then working two nights during the week and Saturday nights as a handyman for friends of his who bought an old house that they are renovating.He still isn’t making enough money to pay the bills but refuses to sell his home and look for a smaller one. He also has several cars that he refuses to sell because he says he worked hard to get these things and he doesn’t want to lose them because he says at his age he will never get them back.We usually get together every Sunday but he often is so tired that we don’t do anything but sit around and he sometimes falls asleep. I have told him that he is killing himself to keep things that he doesn’t even have time to enjoy but he doesn’t see it that way.We live an hour away from each other so that makes it hard to see each other on weeknights. He is a very loving man and I know that he is a one-woman man also. I know he loves me but I’m not sure if he loves me as much as I love him. I have never felt this much in love ever before.Last Sunday we did not get together because he was very sick. We were supposed to get together today but these people whose house he’s working on called and said that their pipes were frozen to the one bathroom and a pipe was leaking from another bathroom into the downstairs.Don’t these people think he has a life?! He went to help them and I am left alone and missing him. He is there for me if I REALLY NEED him. He helped me cope when my dad passed away. I tried to tell him that it would be easier on both of us if we’d either get married or just move in together but he doesn’t believe in just living with someone and he doesn’t want to even think about getting married until he can support himself adequately.My head tells me to move on and find someone who I can BE with and think about marrying because I want to get married again. I like being married. But my heart says to wait for him. I am so confused. I love him so much.What can I do?