Dear Dr. Love,I’m only 15 in grade 9. And I’ve had my chances with some of the hottest girls in the school! I have only frenched a girl! No girl has touched my penis, nor seen it! Why?It’s because i’m imbarressed i’ll get laughed at, and she’ll tell everyone, and kill my rep. It is just way to small!! Limp its only a little over 2 inches! Erect about 4 inches!I heard an average 14-15 year old boys penis is 5 inches erect! Got me beat by an inch. I’ve just been waiting for it to grow to a good size, before I doo anything, but how long would I have to wait!!!Is it alright for a guy to have one testicle a bit lower then the other, I’m in rough shape! It must be a curse, my good looks are destroyed by my private area.