Dear Dr. Love, I love your site, you give very good advice, which I am desperately in need of, so I hope my question gets picked! I have been in a relationship with a man for about three years. I am in my early twenties and he is about twenty years older than me. We have lived together for two years. The problem is I am no longer in love with him, (I have felt this way for a while) and I am not happy in our relationship. There is another guy in whom I am very interested in. But even though I am not in love with my boyfriend, he treats me very well and I still consider him my best friend, and I don’t want to lose his friendship. I have also come to consider a male friend of his as my other best friend. These two are the only close friends I have, and the only close friends I have ever had. I had kind of a messed up childhood, I was the parent in the house, and I never got to play with my friends as a child or date and socialize as a teenager. I am terrified of the thought of being alone again, with no friends and no one to talk to. I am a shy person(except around my two friends) and find it very difficult to relate to most people or open up to them, so the thought of willingly letting go of my two friends makes me shudder. On the other hand, I really want to pursue this relationship with this other guy. And it’s not fair to my boyfriend, he is starting to sense my feelings toward him, and I know that no matter what he does it won’t change my feelings for him, it’s just not there anymore. But I’m too scared to do anything. Any advice you can offer would be helpful. Thank you