Good afternoon, I am a male college student and 19 years old. I am in a relationship with a woman of the same age and she goes to the same college. We are not having sex, but achieve orgasms through alternate means, such as fingering, rubbing against each other, and oral sex. (Although she is not completely comfortable with blow jobs as yet).This weekend I was visiting her, and everything was great because I hadn’t seen her in a while (due to winter break). In fact, everything was very very hot. She had an orgasm on her living room floor as her parents slept upstairs, but she didn’t reciprocate for fear that her parents might come down.She drove me back to campus from her house, and promised that she would reciprocate because she was staying over for a day. Then that evening, we both had orgasms after having plain fun for 3. 5 hours. In fact, I had as good an orgasm as it could get. But we decided we would continue after having dinner.I was really exhausted, and hadn’t eaten anything for 12 hours. She gave me a massage and put me to sleep, but I woke up to go to my own bed, and remembered we ‘HAD to’ do stuff again.However, that time she had a great orgasm, and she was rubbing me afterwards, and I was enjoying it, but in the middle of it all I suddenly lost the mood, and went flaccid. She was frustrated and my body language implied that she wasn’t good. We slept, but I still hadn’t eaten anything and felt sick and threw up before sleeping.In the morning she tried again, but I didn’t go. In fact, the same thing happened and she ended up crying, losing confidence. I threw up again, and now I am having trouble digesting food and feel a bit sick.Could you kindly help me in understanding this issue. I want to pinpoint the problem, and restore her confidence. She is back in her house and will be back on campus in a week’s time.I feel a bit sick and the idea of sexual pleasure doesn’t feel appealing at all. Maybe it is the digestion problem, or the fact that the evening orgasm took energy out of me, or the fact that we put too much pressure on the odd hours of the night and the next morning.I desperately need your help, to restore her confidence and put this upsetting night behind us, so that things can be the same again. I need something to tell her to make her feel better.Your advice would benefit me immensely as a person!