Dear Dr. Love I hope I can get your opinion on this…Every time I try to find someone to date, they think I’m really nice and want to continue the relationship but after just two or three dates they suddenly pour out all of their difficulties, complications and problems and I suddenly feel overwhelmed.I feel pressured like I’m expected to be their savior!For some strange reason, I still continue to date them but they sense the discomfort I have about this and they leave as suddenly as they had turned up – this really upsets me!!Excuse my inexperience, but is this normal??Am I expected to give when I’m not even sure if its just to use me?I personally have been through a whole lot myself. Grew up in a family where my dad was never around and my mom did not offer much emotional support. When growing up I was constantly criticized although I did a lot better than most kids, was always compared to the better and made to feel bad about myself.This made my self-esteem really drop to record lows – I’m 24 and I did not start dating until I was 21 because of this. My first date came about because someone thought I was ‘cute’and pursued me. . . that lasted 10 days!! Mr. Unable to date