I am in college and have a job repairing electronics. Also employed there ( not to repair electronics) is quite possibly the most stunning woman that I’ve ever met. She seems like a really nice person, also.I often walk by her desk, and try talking to her, but any meaningful conversation is impeded by several factors.First, I am naturally shy with people I don’t know that well, especially women.Second, I think because of my job, I’m nearly sure she thinks I’m a techno-geek.Everyone I have ever gotten to know well, even women, really likes me. I know that if I could just get her talking I’d have a shot, but I ask her how she is doing, etc, and she gives me one word answers, and avoids eye contact. I’m not too unattractive, either (I guess).I hate to give up hope, but it just doesn’t look good. I know I’m so much more than she (and most people) see on the outside. Everyone I know tells me I’m really smart (ugh. . that ‘s often just a euphemism for ‘you can talk about nerdy things that aren’t interesting t o me.’)Anyway, I consider myself a nice guy, but I’m beginning to think that the only women that will ever be interested in me will be, forgive me, geeky girls. (Or worse yet, none at all!)It may be too late. . . she probably has the irrevocable notion that I’m an oddball. If first impressions are everything, I’m done for. I’d be willing to try anything. A smooth talker, I’m not, though. I’d trade brains and electronics for the ability to communicate with her anyday.Is there hope? Thanks, More than a nerd.