Dear Dr. Love, I check and read your web page weekly; I really enjoy reading the advice you give other people. Well now I have recently come upon a problem in my relationship that I hope you can help me out with.My fiance and I have been dating now for a little over a year. He graduated from college this last December with a Bachelors degree, and I just graduated a month ago in May of this year with an Associates degree. Lately we have been arguing alot about money issues.Granted I only have an Associates degree but I have just as many credit hours as he does with his degree. The problem is that with my degree I will make twice as much as he does. I asked him before he graduated if my making more money is going to bother him, he said that is wasn’t going to bother him a bit.But I later found out that he really didn’t believe how much I was going to get paid for what I do. So now that I am finally getting all my licenses to practice, and getting job offers, we are fighting more and more. Just the other day he was telling me that I won’t be able to live off of two day’s a week of work, and the arguement ended in me saying ‘My two days work is going to bring in as much as your whole week.’Thank you for your time, and I really hope you can help with this issue. I know that it is not covered in any of the archives, please consider answering.Thank you in advance, Money or Love?