Dear Dr. Love,please solve my problem. I am a 25 single female working in a large organization with both men and women. There is this women who treats me as her daughter but she is not my mother. I too love her and treat her as my mother. The problem is she has started kissing me on my lips. It is just a touch kiss but i feel something. I don’t know what to do?Yes, i love her and she loves me. She comes home and i go to her house. Is it by kissing me she is expressing her love towards me?She has a daughter and a granddaughter. She became a widow when she was in her teens. Her boyfriend is not here at the moment. Is she missing him and kissing me or what?She does all kind of things like pinching me on my thighs or bitting me on my finger etc. She loves me very much but i do not know as what. The whole office knows that i am her daughter. Is it normal for a 40 year old women kissing a 25 year old lady on her lips. Before it was just once in a month or two. But this month, it is everyday. I cannot say no to her becuase i too enjoy it and at times i feel that i wish i could just hold her and give her a french kiss.Please help me.Miss Confused