Dr. Love,My husband and I will be married for 20 years this June. We have three children ages 14, 8, 2.My husband was brought up very conservative with money. So he inheritated this trait. I am only allowed to have a fixed amount of money to shop for groceries a week and a small allowance a week. I am not allowed to have a check if I need to get something for the kids and any thing else. I must tell him the amount needed and why needed and he will give me cash. I do not have the ability to use the checking account or have ownership of a charge card.He is very good to the kids and has saved a large amount for the kids college already. He is not abusive just afraid of not having control over all finances. I have to beg and plead for extra things we need.Just recently he said that I don’t act like a christian because I have too many material needs. I am a christian but he is still struggling with his faith. He goes to church with coaxing and throws this in my face that he attends and therefore I should be happy with that.I love him Dr. Love but am feeling so inadequate with my self due to the fact of his complete control. I have an inherited family depression and have been taking medication for it for 6 years.Please let me know what you think about this!Thank you