Dear Dr. LoveI’ve been marrried to my wife for a year and a half. Recently I found out that I’m attracted to one of her co-workers. She’s relly beautiful and nice. I can’t stop tthinking about her, I have fantasies about being with her, even when I have sex with my wife I imagine myself having sex with that woman. When I meet her, on a party or somewhere else, i can’t stop looking at her. I am afraid that now I’m thinking of her more than of my wife.On the other side I realise that there is no chance that I can get any responce from my attraction, first because I’m trying hard not to show my attraction, and second, she doesn’t seem to care about me at all. I don’t know if it’s for better or for worse, robably it’s for better, because I’m afraid that if she showed any attraction to me, then it could destroy my marriage. (Sometimes I have those bad thoughts-‘I wish she were my wife’) I know it’s sounds strange and crazy, but I can’t do anything about it. The worst thing is that I feel bad because of that, often i feel irritated and angry, feel bad because of that. I wonder if you can give me any advise on dealing with this unexpected and unwanted attraction.Married man, attracted to another woman.