Dr. Love, I am a w/m/36, in the military for 15 years, married for 13. For maybe the last 5 years my wife and I have been drawing farther and farther apart.Recently, I discovered that she has fallen in love with a cyber friend, one who she has never met. She and I went to see a marriage counselor and during the course of the first three sessions, she committed to trying to save our relationship.The counselor has decided the best course of action is to see her only. I feel that I am lost. I have no clue where to turn. I am trying to do and show all the love I can for this woman because after much soul searching I realize that she means everything to me.She doesn’t talk to me about what she is feeling. I am afraid to touch her, for fear she doesn’t want that from me. I have no idea if her counseling is helping or if we are prolonging the inevitable.My question is, how can I help? Vague question, I know, considering I have not related all the circumstances.