Dr. Love,My wife and I have been married for two years this June. We have not made love or even kissed passionately since we’ve been married. I understand that I should have patience with her dealing with her problems, but this is wearing me thin. I consider myself a very compassionate and understanding person and I have been told the same by others.Yes, she grew up in abusive relationships, and always managed to find more abusive relationships. I know that she was raped the first time at age four and it continued over several years. She has since devoted herself as a Christian, but I feel she has never confronted the acts against her.Now, I, her husband, want to make ‘love’ not ‘have sex’ with her and she has been denying me for nearly two years of marriage. The hugs and pecks are nice, but not fulfilling. Back in October we began going to counseling, and have gone once a week since, but I’m not seeing any major changes in her attitude towards me. I feel like she’s using the counseling as another ‘detour’to actually going through with anything. Believing that miraculously after X number of sessions all will be well.Well, I’ve rambled on. I truly hope you can offer some words of wisdom from your experience.