I have been dating, and loving my first girlfriend after almost 25 years. She has been married but was separated then divorced while we were dating.The problem I have is the continuing relationship she has with her ex. . . they are partners inthe same business. So they obviously have contact there. . they also had a son with retardation. She has been delegated the responsible person for the son’s care. . the ex was absent from the boys life(she has 4 altogether) growing up, but as they matured, each son has assumed a position within the business. . . even the exceptional son.As our life together has progressed, she has discussed with me the fact that her ex is her ‘best friend’and that she wished he would find someone to care for him in his old age.Welllll, guess what? It happened! and my girlfriend is absolutely devastated! Crushed! She has mourned the fact that her ex has a live girlfriend for almost three months. Now she and the live in are talking. . and my grlfriend has been invited to live with her ex and his live in. . . whew what a mess. . . I have this feeling, for lack of a better word, that my girl is headed back to her ex. . . is it my jealousy that is causing theproblem? She tells me how she doesnt eliminate anything from the possibilities that time may allow and that she lives a day at a time. .I am as blind as I sound? Am I the only one showing some commitment here? any help would be apprecited. . . .My girlfriend says I am possessive, and jealous for the time and effort that she puts into the realtionship she has with her ex. . . Jeez she even spent the nite at his house while his girl friend was gone. . . and told me that nothing happened. . they just talked all night. . . Am I stupid or what?