Hello Dr. Love, I was wondering if you could offer some advice.I have been dating this beautiful woman for the last 8 months and I truly feel that she is the one for me. About a month ago she told me that she had cheated on me, during a vacation she took. We were dating for 2 months at the time.According to her, it was a foolish mistake that she made when she was drunk and she promises that it will never happen again. I do believe that she is sorry, and I am trying my best to forgive her, but I have a hard time convincing myself that she is not thinking of him when we make love.I am afraid that i will do something that reminds her of him or something. She tells me that this is nonsense but i cant shake the feeling. I was wondering if you could give me some advice to shake this feeling, and how to work towards regaining trust.Also have you found that people who cheat once tend to cheat again? Should i just move on, or allow myself to be open to being hurt again. Thanks in advance.