I am 46, divorced with no children. My fiance is 40 with a 14-year old son from a prior marriage.The problems seem to stem from his (her son’s) desire to control his mother. He has rejected all of her suitors and made it very difficult for us.We lived together in my home for a while but it became so difficult he went back to his dads with the threat that he wouldn’t live with her if she lived with me. Well, she moved back to her house and he came back. But now he is committing emotional blackmail with her, saying that he might not love her if she continued to see me.He was in tears when she asked him if he wanted to ‘give her away’at the wedding, thinking he was losing her. What can she do to tell him (and how should she do it) that she and I are an item and it’s not up to him. What will make it so we can all three be together.o of them on vacations.