Dear, Dr. LoveI’m in desperate need of your help. I’m in love with my best freind. She’ the greatest person in the world in my eyes. But I messed up.I was at a party with her and some friends and I kissed another girl. She was mad even though we are not dating. I love her so much and I told her that. Now she feels that she can’t trust me. I’ve always loved her and I’m just now getting a chance with her in the past 5 years.I’ve dated other people but never felt the love for them as I do for her. I feel so empty when I’m not with her. The bad thing is that I’m away at college and don’t get to she as much as I would like. I miss her and she knows that. I don’t know how I can convince her that she can trust me.Honestly I’ve never hooked up with someone at a party like that. I havn’t even thought about another girl since I’ve been to school. I know she is the girl for me and I would do anything to have her.Please help me. We were made for each other. I’m also scared to make the first move even though I know she feels the s ame way about me. I don’t want to mess things up, being friends and all. Best friends at that. I feel so sick not being with her.What do I do to let her know that she can trust me?How do I get over the fear of making the first move when I know she has feelings for me also?Dr. Love you don’t know what it would mean to me if you helped me out.