Hi Dr,I am in a relationship with a wonderful woman. She has all the qualities that I want. . . honesty, intelligence, integrity, beauty, etc.I found out that she had a past relationship with an older man and the details about it bother me very much. She doesn’t usually drink, but one night she was invited to a bar with her friends by the owner of the bar. The owner of the bar gave her alcohol and convinced her to stay after with him and his bartenders.They continued to give her alcohol and then started to do some freaky things with her like the owner rubbing her legs and the female bartender pulling up her shirt and exposing and touching her breasts. The bartenders then left and took the keys to her car with them which left her stuck with the owner who she ended up having sex with that night.After that night she continued to see him for a while, but he did not treat her very well. I think that she continued to see him because she felt ashamed of what had happened and was trying to make it into a real relationship instead of a cheap one-night-stand. Needless to say it didn’t work out and she regrets that it ever happened.My problem is that I think this guy set her up with his co-bartenders by getting her drunk then took advantage of her low-defense state to have sex with her. To me, it seems like rape and every time I think about it I get furious. I want to get revenge against the guy somehow and I even get mad at her for allowing it to happen. It really is eating me up and I don’t want it to ruin our relationship.Is this rape? Do I have a right to be angry? What can I do to settle this inside me so that it doesn’t continue to eat me up? I really need some help with this one.Thanks.