Dr. Love,I’m writing you because I’m really in a quandary. I have recently met and fallen deeply in love with a married woman. She had put her profile on the web, we chatted, found we were compatible, shared MANY common life experiences. We met, clicked immediately, and have been practically inseparable ever since. We are, without a doubt, soulmates who have been searching all our lives for each other. We are already talking about spending the rest of our lives together. That’s the good news.A little background first, before I present my question. I am divorced, no children. She is unhappily married to someone she considers more a roommate or brother, than a husband. She wants to end her marriage of about 13 years. She has four kids: 5, 8,10 and 16 (the oldest from a previous marriage).After much thought, I feel I am ready and willing to love her children as my own, but I have no real world experience (except for growing up with 4 sibs).After talking this out in detail, neither one of us have any idea how to proceed with starting the rest of our lives together: breaking the news to her husband that she wants out of the marriage, and NOT ‘I’m leaving you for another man.’ but because of the failure of their relationship. (He had an affair eight years ago, shortly after their second child.)We’d like to know how to introduce me to her children with ther minimum amount of emotional damage. (I almost feel I know them, because we talk about them all the time, and I listen to them when I’m on the phone with her).Thanking you in advance for your time.Sincerely,C.