I have read through your many archives and they’re great. It answers a lot of questions that I have and many of them seem to relate to childhood experiences. I think this may apply to her.Now, what is the best way of getting her to visit your website and read many of these letters? I think that it will do wonders for her, and will help her understand a lot of what she is feeling. It wouldn’t seem right for me to tell her myself because she would be in denial and would think that I am a moron. Your column would really save her. And she’s just a wonderful girl who I would like to spend the rest of my life with. Should I tell her about your site myself, or get someone else to, or send an anonymous letter???2. I would like to hear how things work out with many of your writers. You give great advice and I would like to see how things work out to show me that there is still hope.Thanks, and I hope you respond.