Dr. Turndorf: You are providing great help to many people. While I don’t know if you can help me out with some advice, here goes.I am a divorced 40 year old male, who has been in a relationship with my current girlfriend for the past 4 years. While there was never an initial strong physical attraction on my part, over time, she has become an excellent friend, companion, and lover. She has ‘been there’for me many times. My son (from the previous marriage) adores her.About 6 months ago, she moved in and is now at the stage where she very much wants to get married (she is 31 by the way). Up until most recently, I was very much considering it (was actually ring shopping), for all of the reasons before mentioned. And yes, I do love her.However, I have recently met a woman, whom I am very much attracted to. We have gone out a couple of times (but no intimacy at all) just to ‘test the water’. Well it has become clear we could turn this into a strong connection. So therein lies my problem. I believe this new person and I can go on to become’soul mates’. We have much more in common than my current girlfriend and I, in addition to the strong mutual attraction.I don’t want to cheat on my current girlfriend (beyond what I have already done). I care deeply about her that the thought of the pain I will inflict by breaking up kills me, but yet I cannot deny my feelings for this new person.To further add to my problem, my current girlfriend just lost her father (suddenly), so needless to say, I could in no way think of ‘breaking the news’ to her at this point.The new person knows I am in a relationship, though I have not told her that we live together.