Dear Dr. Love;I am 33, male, professional, very busy and successful in my career. However, I have no luck in relationship with women that I like the most and have significant feelings for.To give you some background; I was born and raised in a very loving, caring and stable family and knowing myself, I don’t think I have significant psychological deficits due to my childhood upbringing, except, I was brought up in a middle eastern and conservative family.I started dating from age 28! Mostly because I was too busy with my education, and I date about 2-3 times per month, so far with ladies that they already have relationship or broke up recently.\Just to give you one example about my problem: I met this beautiful Irish-American lady at the hospital where I work, actually she came on to me!, and after three weeks of playing hide and seek, I finally had the guts to asked her out! We went out, a couple of times, to a nice dinner at nice restaurant,Eventhough I had, and still do, significant feelings for her, I was not able to express her those feelings. I became nervous, panicked. Make the story short, she stopped talking to me and asked me not to call her anymore.I hate to say this but the same senario has happened to me multiple times in the past and this situation has made me depressed, (believe me I have no S/H Ideation!)If you can please let me know what I should do, is it a missunderstanding from mybehalf or cultural glitch or what?