Dear Dr. Love,I have a simple question. Is there anyway to get someone that you are extremely attracted to, to the point where you feel that you are in love with that person, to love you back? The person that I love is someone I supervise at work. There is a considerable age difference: 48 (me) and 26 (her). She is from Poland. I have never been married and have no children. I have had 2 prior relationships in the past 20 years lasting under 4 years each. I don’t date (work consumes my time and I live in a very small and isolated community).Comparing with my prior two relationships, I have never felt this way about a woman before. I have conducted myself in a very professional manner and she does not know how I feel about her. I have to interact with her everyday. What I have many times complimented her on her work (which is sincere). She knows that I think she does outstanding work and that I think highly of her. I have a concern about going farther or in any way directly indicating my intensions because of concerns over’sexual harrassment’. I also have a concern about being ‘rejected’. However, it has become painful to the point where I am miserable because my emotions hang on her every gesture when we meet at work, a smile here, a conversation there, in the normal course of interactions. I feel sometimes that I want to quit my job, but it’s not easy.She does not have a boyfriend (yet) but she has recently become ‘close’ to one of her co-workers (whom I also supervise; they share an office), and they do things like go to movies, have lunch, etc. However, so far I know they are not serious. About this entire situation, I get very depressed at night thinking about it. I wish that a love potion existed where you can simply give it to the other person and that person will find you very attractive and love you. For me, this is the person I want to marry (in spite of our age difference). Is there anything I can do to where the woman will find me attractive to the point of falling in love with me? Is there any type of behavior, or actions, or anything, I can do or demonstrate where she will fall in love with me? Thank you.